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[2001] Advanced closed form ultimate strength formulation for ships

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Journal of Ship Research
Vol. 45, No. 2, 2001, pp. 111-132
Advanced Closed Form Ultimate Strength Formulation for Ships

Author(s): J.K. Paik, O.F. Hughes and A.E. Mansour
Abstract:The aim of the present paper is to develop an advanced ultimate strength equation for ship hulls under vertical bending moment. Since the overall failure of a ship hull is normally governed by buckling and plastic collapse of the deck, bottom or sometimes the side shell stiffened panels, it is of crucial importance to accurately calculate the ultimate strength of stiffened panels in deck, bottom and side shell for more advanced ultimate strength design of ship structures. In this regard, the developed equation is designed to be more sophisticated than previous simplified theoretical methods for calculating the ultimate strength of stiffened panels under combined axial load, in-plane bending and lateral pressure, the first two being induced by hull girder vertical bending and the last being caused by cargo weight and water pressure. Post-weld initial imperfections (initial deflections and residual stresses) and potential structural damage related to corrosion, collision or grounding are included in the panel ultimate strength calculations as parameters of influence. All possible collapse modes involved in collapse of stiffened panels, including overall buckling collapse, column or beam-column type collapse (plate or stiffener induced collapse), tripping of stiffeners and local buckling of stiffener web are considered. As illustrative examples, the paper investigates and discusses the sensitivity of potential influential parameters (e.g., lateral pressure, post-weld initial imperfections, corrosion, collision and grounding damage) on the ultimate strength of a typical Cape size bulk carrier hull under vertical bending.

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