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[2012] On Pulse Pressure Loading of Plates with Holes

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Cent. Eur. J. Eng. pp.1-13, Proofreading version, August 2012

On Pulse Pressure Loading of Plates with Holes

Author(s): G.K. Schleyer, N.J. Underwood, H.M. Do, J.K. Paik and B.J. Kim

This paper reports the application of a simplified energy solution to a complex problem involving large inelastic deformation in thin, clamped ductile square plates with either square or circular holes under the action of transverse pulse pressure loading. The work is part of a collaborative project to study blast loading of steel plates with penetrations as used for deck plating or bulkheads that may be required to resist loading far in excess of their design limit due to the effects of an accidental explosion. A novel differential pressure loading device was used to impart dynamic loading to 1/8 scaled 0.5 m, 1.1 mm thick, clamped mild steel square plates with a central aperture up to 4% of the plate area. This data was used to validate the energy approach that considers both plastic hinge formation and extensional effects. Accounting for strain rate, scaling and dynamic effects in the tests gave more than acceptable results when compared with final deflections in the tested plates. It is concluded that the simplified approach together with small-scale test validation paves the way for a versatile robust design methodology which can be used to advantage for screening purposes and/or early stage conceptual design studies.

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